Frequently Asked Questions

Selling On ShopsnBiz

Selling on ShopsnBiz

First, you need to register Premium Digital Business Card. After your account has been created, you can start add products for sale on our ShopsnBiz platform.

On ShopsnBiz, you can sell a variety of products or services, depending on the terms & conditions and policies.

List of prohibited and restricted items

There are many items that may be prohibited or restricted for sale on our platform.

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Animals and wildlife products (such as ivory or fur)
  • Counterfeit or unauthorized copies of products
  • Dangerous or hazardous materials (such as explosives or toxic chemicals)
  • Alcohol, drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • Fireworks
  • Gambling items
  • Human remains or body parts
  • Illegal items (such as stolen goods, weapons, firearms, pepper spray and etc)
  • Offensive material (such as hate speech or pornography)
  • Personal information or identification documents
  • Recalled items
  • Tobacco products
  • Noxious food items
  • Any other food items hazardous to human health


Doing this can result in the following:


  • Your Listing can get deleted
  • ShopsnbBiz can terminate your account
  • And in case of a serious violation, ShopsnBiz can even take legal actions upon the seller.

All the payments made by buyers for your products will be added to your accounts when the transaction is successful, and the buyers receive the product successfully.

Make sure that you have your bank account set on the ShopsnBiz account in which your payments will be credited.

Seller can add products related to their Digital Business Card.

ShopsnBiz will charge commission fee based on category of products. Please refer at ShopsnBiz Commission Fee.

For each transaction, the seller will be charged at 2.12% payment gateway fee including SST.

Yes. You can. ShopsnBiz is now venturing into the global market- selling across borders to Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and others.

The selling process on our platform us very straightforward.


Yes, you can choose the shipping provider or courier service you want.

You will be charged for shipping cost to your customers. However, this cost will be offset by the shipping charges paid by customers, which you will receive in your payment cycle.

The process of payment may take 3-5 working days after buyer successfully receive the parcel.

The commission fee charged will be deducted directly from the sellers’ payout.

Yes. ShopsnBiz must release the payment, you need to update bank information in seller account.

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